The Mental Health Discussion In The 2016 San Diego Community Welfare Conference

Embracing diversity and creativity for mental health awareness, that is what the 2016 San Diego Community Welfare Conference is all about. It aims to ensure the children’s mental health so that communities receive the right amount of help they need. The program encourages physicians, social workers, behavioral health experts, counselors, marriage family therapist, mental health administrators and workers, child welfare services, pediatrician, physiologists, educational and healthcare providers to conduct necessary aid for those kids suffering from mental health conditions. The target audience is consisting of people who are involved in treatment, support, and assessment for families and their kids.


The Conference Description

Since children are prone to violence, poverty, and disaster, they are more likely to experience physical, emotional, and mental damage. That is why the conference aims to create a unique position for individuals and their families to distress and resolve negativity among units. But since the displacement of the health care system is quite limited to all local and private sectors, the challenge becomes visible. The conference wants to bring people closer together to allow contributions. It empowers knowledge and expertise, brings front an improved understanding, and challenges the community for contributing additional resources. There are lots of growing needs that kids are required to have. These include solutions for trauma and excessive stress, education, managing aggression, environmental use, recognition and prevention of child abuse, and a lot more. The sessions at the conference also talk about future programs that can step up in social interventions.


The topics related to knowledge, skills, cooperation, and collaboration is the focus of the conference. Since most issues are present in early childhood development, the need for professional diagnosis becomes a priority. There are also specific areas that encourage parents to participate in creating significant measures in saving their child’s mental wellness.