How The Face Of Terror Has Changed Since 9/11



After the terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001, many friends and family members hoped and prayed that it would be the last horrific event in world history. It already took the lives of over 3,000 individuals who were merely doing their job that day. Various groups came out as well to take responsibility for what happened at the time.

However, similar to how destructive aftershocks come when a massive earthquake passes, the 9/11 incidents have only enabled jihadist groups to breed fear into the lives of regular citizens in more ways than you can ever imagine.

1. ISIS Was Born

During 9/11, the internationally known enemy was the al Qaeda group, an Islamic organization of militants that admitted to planning and executing the terror attack that killed thousands of people. As they started to lose grip of their territories following the countermeasures accomplished by the US troops and the death of its founder, Osama bin Ladden, the members left their country and went on to establish ISIS.



According to al Qaeda’s new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri around that period, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria headed by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did not – and still does not – have legitimate goals. Despite other groups’ denouncement to ISIS’s Caliphate, however, it continues to spread anxiety as their connections grow in diverse countries.

2. Non-Jihadist Members Got Inspired To Wreak Havoc

The new terrorist organization seems to consist of tech-savvy individuals. In truth, their members are known for posting videos, articles, and photos online to talk about their demands. They also tend to show the beheading of some kidnapped victims whose family or country refused to pay a ransom.

Another problem that it created is that their acts encouraged a lot of folks across the planet to terrorize the people around them. These radicalized citizens are not exactly part of the ISIS group in the beginning. They may not have direct contact with the extremists in the Middle East either. Despite that, they have decided to follow in their footsteps after staying in the militants’ domains or educating themselves about the jihadists’ beliefs, thinking that their actions are for the greater good.



Within the United States alone, more than 90 percent of the terror acts have been conducted by non-Muslims. We are not even counting the attacks that have taken place in France, UK, and other regions. Apart from the bombings and shootings, some of them go on a public rampage and leave dozens of casualties in their wake.

3. Cybersecurity Has Been Compromised

The US government paid at least a billion dollars in total protect their websites and all the necessary information stored online from hackers. Unfortunately, that is not enough to get away from “hacktivists” such as Anonymous that want to threaten the nation. It is one proof that cyberterrorism is real, and it continues to terrorize various sectors that are supposed to safeguard public information.

The reason why these hackers can commit such a crime is that only a few know of the best VPNs to secure privacy online, regardless of the billions of internet users around the globe. Without knowledge about it, the IT experts can hack into the system without a hitch.



4. Paraphernalia Of Terror Can No Longer Be Defined

Al Qaeda utilized plane hijackers to carry out their dirty deed at the Twin Towers in the past. Suicide bombers tend to strap the weapons of destruction on their body so that the police officials cannot question their possessions before executing their plan. Worse, the self-radicalized folks have learned how to make explosives DIY-style; that’s why even the lack of suppliers is of no relevance to them.

5. Discrimination Against Muslims Has Intensified

If non-Muslim individuals in Islamic countries feel the need to remain alert whenever they run an errand or attend a massive festival in case the ISIS fanatics show up, the Muslims in the West who have nothing to do with the terrorist groups tend to fear for their safety as well.

Since the unfortunate happenings in 9/11, life has become difficult for the people of the Islamic faith, you see. Surveillance cameras have been installed in mosques; residents get questioned for probable ties with al Qaeda and its associates.



What seems harsh, though, is the growing anti-Muslim movements that take place in the country. There are crimes committed out of hate for Muslims in general which have been recorded in almost every state. There is an Executive Order 13769 now as well in the United States, which is banning citizens of a few Islamic countries from stepping on the American soil.

Final Thoughts

The face of terror has changed since 9/11 for the reason that it no longer pertains to explosions or gunfires alone. The event has paved the way for the new militants to gain prominence sympathizers who bring distress even to the federal government through cyber crimes and extremist attacks. Nevertheless, we should never lose hope that all these terrorizing acts will soon come to an end.