How Serving The Community Becomes Beneficial


Serving the community is essential for a wide variety of reasons. On a basic level, it motivates people to find and do good deeds for others. It tends to be a distinctly human trait that is entirely powerful to use.

“Restoring flow [of gifting in community] is about finding, again, our embeddedness within a larger whole, where care for the whole includes and flows within and from all of us,” wrote Miki Kashtan, Ph.D. “To do this, we need to restore faith in our collective evolutionary capacity to co-create social systems organized around caring rather than rules; collaboration rather than competition; needs rather than abstract principles; sufficiency rather than maximizing profit – all the principles of gifting that create and sustain flow.”

Both unexpected and adverse circumstances can achieve a positive outcome when people chose to serve others without expecting something in return. But how does serving the community becomes beneficial? Here’s how.

Helps Realize Worth

Serving the community and doing good deeds for others can make people realize their worth. Well, not precisely on the matter of relevance, but preferably on the idea of personal significance. It is where individuals feel that they are capable of providing and assisting others with their needs.

That is, regardless of the purpose of physical, emotional, and mental relief. It opens up room for skill enhancement as well, which allows people to manage their strong points by using it in better and beneficial ways.

High Appreciation

When serving the community, the idea revolves around sharing what individuals’ knew and can do. With that, the constant repetition of providing the needed assistance will allow people to master the art of doing good deeds frequently. It will become more hospitable for them to lend a hand without thinking or asking anything in return.

Therefore, the whole idea of help is never going to be what one needs to receive, but rather what the other can give. By reaching to others, there is this array of understanding people in terms of their culture, beliefs, values, and principles.


Creates Connection Through Engagement

Serving the community becomes beneficial because it allows people to communicate and engage with each other. It helps build a network of people that promotes development useful in environmental and social interaction.

“When we assist others, we help our children to be caring. When we see people as individuals, we teach respect for differences,” says Arthur Dobrin, D.S.W.

The use of exchange effort in providing services for the community creates a better understanding of people’s purpose in each other’s lives. It increases the chances of productivity and efficiency due to combined humanitarian effort. Serving the people allows a better and healthy relationship that helps build a functioning community.

Growth And Development

Persons who help one another do not only allow themselves to feel comfortable with the people and their surroundings. Instead, they also increase their chances of growing and developing into a better individual.

By serving the community, they get the advantage to contribute to the betterment of society and avoid becoming a damaging factor for that matter. People helping the community become the high functioning citizens that incredibly promote values and good morals.

“It’s this fundamental oneness which makes it possible for us to identify with other people, to sense their suffering and respond to it with altruistic acts,” explains Steve Taylor, Ph.D. “And because of this common identity, we feel the urge to alleviate other people’s suffering – and to protect and promote their well-being —just as we would our own.” 

Aids Mental And Emotional Stress


People who offer help affect others’ lives. That is due to the positive impact of assisting others in whatever situations they may have. There is the focus of providing emotional and mental assistance that will make individuals survive the harshness of life’s toxicity. There is room for progress when it comes to stabilizing psychological and emotional aspects as well.

There is personal satisfaction that comes from doing good deeds for others. That is why people should offer everything they can to make others feel better. Not only it helps in creating better individuals, but serving the community also contributes to the betterment of the world.