How To Help The Elderly In Your Community During This Coronavirus Lockdown


Coronavirus has infected at least 2,725,920 people in the entire world as of April 24, 2020, 4:21 GMT, according to the Worldometers website. It has killed 191,061 human beings in 210 countries, which is why at this moment, most nations have closed their doors to others. Businesses are shut down in the meantime; if not, their employees are working from home. Some establishments allow take away services, especially those in the food and medicine business. However, for others, business owners are still figuring out how to go about this disease and not lose further income.

It was observed that the Coronavirus infects people who have a low immune system, basically senior citizens and very young children. Young children have parents to tend to them, and most are practicing safety measures. Kids are not allowed to go out this lockdown season and until the quarantine is lifted. But what about the elderly? What will happen to them? Who will assist them during this time, especially when they do not have children or family members nearby? The answer is YOU, neighbor. You can help your elderly neighbor.

Some say that it is also a dangerous thing to do. You would want to help out, and it’s not an issue. The problem is when you bring things back to them, how sure are you that it is Coronavirus-free? What if you are delivering the infectious disease to them. Simple answer – wash everything with soap before it reaches their door, and you have to tell your elderly that you will do so. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you are one helpful soul.


Do you think it would be better if you just stayed away? If it were me, I would say NO. I would ask my elderly neighbor if he or she needs help, and I will make myself available. What else can you do during this lockdown time? We do not have work outside the home, and we also need to eat. Grocery buying can be done once a week, and you do not have to be physically near your elderly neighbor. As they say, leave it by the door after you disinfect it. How about that?

Also, some communities do these things, especially when they have an elderly within their area:

  1. They set up a WhatsApp group so that it is easy to keep in touch. If there are problems, the elderly neighbors can easily inform people nearest them.
  2. See to it that your community or neighborhood has any type of activity or service that caters to senior citizens, or those who are sickly. If you can donate your time or money, do so. It will be a big help.
  3. As said earlier, you can help by doing errands and food shopping for the elderly. You can also buy medicine for them. Do not forget to ask for authorization, though.
  4. You can also teach your elderly neighbor to do grocery shopping online. If he or she just could not do it, then go back to number three. Do it for them.


  5. Can the elderly clean their house? If they can’t, then offer to do it for them without payment. Again, practice safety measures like wearing gloves and masks. Be sure to disinfect the walls and floors with water and disinfectant.
  6. You can take out their trash for them too.
  7. If they have pets, you can walk the dog or feed the cat. Things like that will be a great help.
  8. Sometimes, older adults just need someone to talk to. Do it, then. Call your neighbor and have a friendly 10-minute chat. It will brighten his or her day.
  9. Remind your elderly neighbors never to trust anyone who is knocking their doors, especially strangers.
  10. You can reiterate the safety precautions when having to physically deal with people – wear a mask, wash your hand for 20 seconds with soap and water, use hand sanitizer or alcohol, and social distancing of at least 10 feet.

These ideas are simple but helpful. It can also lighten your elderly neighbor’s life.