Helping The Local Community During The Pandemic

This year, nothing like the 2019 News Event will happen. Almost all the news nowadays revolves around the coronavirus and its effect on the community. The fear of contracting and spreading the virus has primarily affected small and medium enterprises. Today, there is a loud call to support local businesses to help them survive and to benefit the economy. Here are some ways to help them and the community:

Use Your Social Media Voice

Since everyone is highly encouraged to stay at home, the best way to connect with other people is through the internet, mainly social media. If you have a favorite local shop or restaurant, give a shoutout on social media. Give your honest review, and if you can, put a photo as well. After all, word of mouth is still the best way to promote a product or business.


Reschedule, Avoid Cancelling

If you have an event booked, try your best not to cancel. If you can, check if you can rebook on a later date. Although, it might take some time before it pushes through since gatherings are prohibited. If not, as much as possible, refrain from asking for a refund and try to negotiate if you can get something in place, like food. Some businesses are dependent on the events that they do.

Shop At Local Online Markets

Since quarantine measures took place, there is an emergence of online businesses. Instead of buying through big online stores like Amazon or Target, try buying from the local online stores. Most of these stores will bring the goods to your doorstep. They might even be selling at a much lower price.


When we patronize local businesses, it’s a win-win situation for both. Since the pandemic has rendered most of us handicapped in terms of leaving our homes, these local enterprises are here to save us. At the same time, as they suffer from the coronavirus’s effects, we can help them sustain their businesses.