Family In A Community


It has always been said that family is the basic unit of society, so it certainly plays a big role in the progress of a community. Having a harmonious community depends on the people and families living in it. One cannot just ignore the neighborhood that they are living in. People are interdependent with one another so families in a community should work hand in hand to promote a peaceful and loving neighborhood.

In my experience, it will always be a delight to know that families inside a community are helping one another and shows respect to one another. Knowing that the community members are willing to help one another in good and bad times brings about good influence and memories to the people especially the younger ones.

One family can already be a big help to the community and vice versa. If every family in a community will just work hand-in-hand, their place would certainly be a better place to live in. The kind of atmosphere you are living in will certainly create an impact on how the citizens are behaving especially the children and the youth. Since they will be the hope of the future generation, the kind of community in which they belong will surely influence their future in one way or another.


Knowing how to respect is an important aspect of being a good citizen in a community. Particularly if you have just transferred to that certain place, you need to adapt and be sensitive to the people around you. Know that you are not the only family living in your neighborhood. And since you are still new, be wary of how other families are living inside the community.

As citizens of a community, a family can also contribute to the welfare of society by being law-abiding citizens. People in your neighborhood will be living peacefully and harmoniously when families will follow government rules especially the laws mandated within the community. Usually, there is a written by-law made and approved by the citizens themselves to promote peace and order. One way to be a law-abiding citizen is to be aware first of the rules and regulations imposed by your leaders.

Every community or neighborhood may have different laws depending also on the condition or location of your community. And these laws can also be changed from time to time. One can do your role by being attentive and assertive about what’s happening to the surroundings. There will always be issues that arise in a community that needs solution so you need to step up if you want changes to happen.


And when there are community meetings and gatherings being scheduled, make sure that a representative of the family will be able to attend because your presence can certainly create an impact on the community. This is also a way of showing your concern to the community and your willingness to be of help to the neighborhood.

For large community gatherings, it is also much better for the whole family to be present to make the activity more enjoyable. Like during Christmas parties, there are usually gatherings for this occasion inside the community for more enjoyable activities to celebrate Christmas. Seeing families gathered for this event is a big step in having your presence felt.

It is also a big help for a family to volunteer and help for whatever projects and donation drive that the community has been setting up. One example would be during calamities. Facing obstacles like calamities are some of the things that we can’t control. So whenever there are forecasts of a typhoon or any other calamities, people should be prepared enough on what to do in cases like this.


We may volunteer or give any financial aid if we can or be involved in manpower forces needed for emergency preparation. It’s saddening to know that tragedies like these can happen but it is also a way to test the resilience of the community members. If families within the community will be helpful to one another, then I think that we can certainly face any obstacles and challenges that come along the way.

You may think that one unit of a household cannot do so much but if we are just united and be cooperative with one another, we can truly make a big difference. Unlike those communities who just go on with their lives without minding the people around them, having supportive families in a community is fulfilling and will certainly be a good influence on the people within that community or even those living outside your neighborhood.

In my own experience, being inside a community that looks out for the welfare of one another creates a positive feeling inside me. Knowing that you have a family other than yours to watch your back and help you in times of need lifts me up and erases some negativities that may be encountered in one’s journey through life.