Community Involvement Enhances Mental Health


No man is ever alone in this world. As the saying goes – no man is an island, and this is very true. Nobody can live alone or by himself, in a manner of speaking, and become a mentally healthy individual. We need others to make our lives “better.”

Wherever we go, we find ourselves in a community where we belong to a community that supports us, especially through the hardest of times. But, what exactly is a community?

A community is basically a group of people who either live in the same place or may feel fellowship with others because of common interests. So a community really is not just confined to the people in your neighborhood. It can also be the people in your school or maybe the people from your book club. Whatever the case may be, we can be sure that a group of people out there understands us and who can support us through and through.


So, if all of us have our own communities, then what does that mean for us? Well, having a community is a great way to boost your confidence. Also, through our communities, we gain acceptance and support that we may lack from other people. Having such a wonderful support system can actually reduce the possibility of you developing a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression.

If the community can do so much for us, what can we do for our community? Two words: Community Involvement. Being involved in your community holds a lot of power. It basically brings out positivity and change within your community. We can be involved in our community in a ton of different ways, such as donating or volunteering.

Based on the theory of social development and stress process, the theories suggest that your community’s participation can function as a protective factor for your mental health, especially for the youth who come from areas that are not as advantaged as other areas. This means that helping out in your community can actually help in protecting your mental health. This is why it is important that you also surround yourself with good people who have good intentions because the right people can lead you to a good life without increasing your risk of developing any mental illness.


Our community can also provide us with a sense of belonging. Since a community is based on common interests, we usually feel like we are accepted into a community where everyone feels the same way about things you love or are passionate about. This also means that you can be yourself and be accepted for that without feeling like you are not fully true to yourself.

Communities can also provide us with a purpose. So when we involve ourselves with our community by helping out in activities like the community outreach programs or just a simple barbecue, we are giving ourselves a purpose through bettering other people’s lives. In turn, this gives meaning to our lives.

As I said, a community should be there for you to feel supported, understood, and valued. So if you look for a community that you think you can fit into, you have to make sure that they believe in the same things. You can find your community is solely up to you. However, as I said, it is an important choice because you are also making sure that your mental health and yourself come first. This should never be a negotiation when wanting to be a part of something.


Whatever your reason for wanting to be involved in the community, the main point should always be to be part of something greater than yourself. Still, you should also never compromise any of your values, beliefs, and, more importantly, yourself. Being involved in your community can provide you with many wonderful opportunities to grow and become a better person. There is also a chance that you meet the people who will help you through your darkest days without having to ask for anything in return.

The life you can build with the help of your community can be life-changing. Ensure that you are also doing your part for your community to give back to them for all their support. We must give value to the people who help us through the challenges of life. We have to give back and try to do the same for our community as they do for us. Surround yourself with positivity because that is what you need in your life.

If you ever need help, reach out to your community, and I am sure that there will be someone or everyone who might join in and help you through it. Remember that you have all the support you will need when there is a community that you are a part of.