Frequently Asked Questions About Online Speech Therapy 

Speaking connects people. Communication is an important way to express our thoughts, emotions, and needs. Our voice enables us to bridge gaps in understanding and form meaningful bonds with the people around us. Whether verbal or non-verbal, what we have to say matters. 


With this, speech disorders and issues can hurt our confidence to interact and connect with others. It may result in social isolation and withdrawal in some cases. Speech disorders are quite common in young children who develop speech later than expected. But speech disorders can also affect adults. Luckily, speech therapy can help with this problem. 

Speech therapy aims to treat speech impediments and conditions as well as improve all aspects of communications. In this process, a certified speech pathologist will guide you. 

A common misconception is that speech therapy is only for articulation problems such as lisps and difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. But in addition to that, it can also help in reading and speech fluency, speech confidence, and better thought expression. 

However, with restrictions brought about by the pandemic, traditional speech therapy is not easy to come by. Going to a physical location for a one-on-one or group session with your speech pathologist is not a viable option. Even so, this is not the end for those who want to seek help for speech problems. Online speech therapy allows you to go through the treatment process through the internet. 

Still unsure whether online speech therapy can work for you or your child? Here are some frequently asked questions to know if you meet the requirements.  

How do I start speech therapy at home?

You can conduct speech therapy for your child at home after consulting with a professional. They can give you a guide on how your therapy can proceed. The best approach is to have regular and correct practice. It is also crucial to limit the noise distractions to keep the focus and attention of your child.

How much do online speech therapists make?

The average annual pay for online speech therapists is around $75,000 per year. The hourly rate is approximately $36.22 per hour. That’s an equivalent of $6,277 per month or $1,449 per week.

Can you do speech pathology online?

Yes, you may do speech pathology online, especially with the realities we have now due to the pandemic. This unique approach applies to all ages and all speech conditions. All you have to do is schedule a one-on-one session, send a calendar invite, and meet with them virtually on their appointment. According to many, this set-up does not feel like the usual “scary and pressuring” therapy work.

What classes do you need for speech therapy?

To become a fully-fledged speech therapist, you have to finish a speech pathology degree at a university. You also need to attain your Senior Secondary Certification of Education. The subjects you have to take are linguistics, communication disorders, sciences, psychology, English, and language development. You will also need to undergo advanced coursework, which includes physiology and anatomy classes.

How do you encourage late talkers to talk?

You can use several strategies to encourage late talkers to talk, such as sign language, music, and play talk. Sign language is an alternative mode of communication where late talkers can fully express themselves if they refuse to communicate with words. Music can also be one go-to tactic since some individuals learn to sing first before they learn to talk. Lastly, the funniest way to spearhead talking is by playing. Turning everyday situations and tasks into enjoyable encounters can improve communication skills.

When should you worry if your child is not talking?

Speech is a developmental process. Before your child turns one, you should observe that they use their voice to cope with their environment through babbling or laughing. On their 15th month, expect them to showcase speech sounds of letters p, m, d, b, or n. Lastly, on the 18th to 24th month will be their language explosion season, when they begin to combine words to form simple sentences; if you notice that your child has delayed speech progress, best to consult a specialist.

When Should speech therapy start?

Speech therapies may happen as early as three years old. The sessions may cover basic sounds under letters like k, g, p, m, n, and h. This kind of problem requires an early articulation intervention to increase the chances of a positive outcome. The earlier you address this, the less money and time spent on speech therapy.


What is the Einstein Syndrome?

Einstein syndrome refers to a condition where a kid faces a late language emergence situation but still ahead and shows giftedness in other areas. The name Einstein Syndrome stemmed from Albert Einstein’s condition. According to experts, Einstein was a late talker who was only able to conquer this field at five. However, it did not hinder him from doing wonders in all facets of science.

Why is my 3 years old still not talking?

The speech development stage of a 3-year old should entail at least 1,000 words at this phase. If they still have not reached that milestone, then they might be experiencing speech delays. Speech delays are caused by various physical and intellectual concerns such as problems with the mouth, brain function disorders, hearing loss, or lack of verbal stimulation.

How do I become a certified speech pathologist?

The first level into becoming a certified speech pathologist is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This degree will give you the fundamentals of language development while immersing in clinical experience. You will also need to have a Master’s in Speech Pathology.

Ensure that this Master’s degree falls under the accredited list by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. The last step is to receive a speech pathology certification from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

How many years of college do you need to be a speech therapist?

You only need to complete a four-year college degree to become a speech therapist. As part of the prerequisite, you will need to cover courses such as phonetics, psychology, semantics, and human development. The remaining 2 to 4 years will be dedicated to earning a master’s degree, doing supervised clinical work, and getting your state license.

How long does it take to study speech pathology?

Studying speech pathology will only last for six years. The first four years are for completing an undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The last two years of studying are where you’ll work towards your graduate degree. You must attain an entry-level graduate degree – MS, MA, or MEd. The next years outside of those six years are set for experiential learning, not the classroom approach anymore.

What can cause a child not to talk?

The most common causes for a child not to talk are slow development, hearing loss, and intellectual disability. These are the most common scenarios that lead to speech delay. However, other recurring factors, such as psychosocial deprivation, autism, cerebral palsy, and selective mutism, may also contribute to your child’s refusal to talk.

How can I get my child to talk?

There are many ways a parent can encourage his or her child to talk. For one, you must always practice with your kid to keep them going. Talk to them throughout the day, even if they’re changing diapers, taking a bath, or eating. At the same time, talk at a level one step above what they’re doing. For instance, if they only communicate with you using four words at a time, you should talk to them using five to six words. It is also essential not to overwhelm them with intricate words and sentences.

At what age do autistic children talk?

Around one-third of autistic children are nonverbal, which means that they will never speak more than a few words their entire lives, even beyond their childhood age. Meanwhile, those who belong in the spectrum with advanced speech development may produce their first few words around three years old. By around 5 or 6 years old, they’ll most likely speak in simple phrases.


Speech problems can cause hurdles with interactions throughout life. When spotted early on in children, these problems can significantly diminish over time through speech therapy. Adults can also undergo this process to improve any impediments they may have. Generally, speech therapy allows for a wholesome approach to improving communication. 

For your safety and convenience, online speech therapy is here for you during these times. Tasks and methods are almost like traditional sessions. Even so, most people report that they feel more comfortable conducting speech therapy sessions within their own homes. This change in setting will surely be effective if you work and follow your speech therapist’s instructions closely. 

In these video call sessions, expect activities to help in pronunciation, articulating your thoughts, and other methods needed depending on your case. For children, play, song, and stories are effective ways to ensure word retention and teach sentence forming. 

Regular sessions can be scheduled to ensure progress. During these sessions, make sure to keep focused and actively participate. It is advisable to have a dedicated space free from distraction and noise. This will allow you to express and do exercises with your speech pathologist freely. 

Do not give up on a child who has not started speaking yet or a family member who stutters. In this journey of improving speech, both family and community play important roles in support and practice. In time, they will be able to speak their truths and make their voice heard loud and clear.